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The best psychotherapy in English in Warsaw, Ursynów and online

Provide yourself with the best quality psychotherapeutic help that produces lasting results. The therapy coordinator will help you choose a psychotherapist tailored to your needs.

What services do we provide?

Psychology and psychotherapy in English.

Our professional experience already includes more than 5 years of working with adult and child patients. We treat each patient and his or her problem with unique individuality and trust. We update our knowledge and apply the latest and scientifically proven methods and techniques.

poradnictwo psychoterapeutyczne

Therapy and Treatment

Comprehensive diagnosis and assistance for all patients, regardless of the problem they report to us.

Family Counseling

Problems of families with children in the context of family therapy and counselling

Anxiety Disorders

Generalized anxiety disorder, panic attacks, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder

Individual Therapy

The therapist selects the appropriate method of psychotherapy and builds meetings on it

Group Therapy

Group therapy and therapy for addicts and codependents and their families

Depression Therapy

One of the help is pharmacological treatment, but psychotherapy remains equally important

Couple Therapy

Help and necessary education in solving current and future crises in a relationship

Online Therapy

If required, there is also a possibility to meet with the therapist online, for example via Skype

Other Disorders

In our team there are psychologists who specialize in every kind of help, so feel free to contact us

About us

Experienced psychologist and therapist in English

We are certified psychotherapists of the Polish Psychological Association. In our work, we value trust and honesty the most. Our patients can benefit from various forms of psychotherapy.

We ensure maximum security and confidentiality of the content discussed at meetings.

Healthy Time

Psychological center


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Opinions and reviews

What do the experts say about us?

Psychotherapy in English, also online, is recommended by specialists from around the world. Here’s what professionals from Poland say about us.

I recommend that all my patients take care of their mental health on a regular basis. I know that nowadays it can prove difficult due to lack of time, travels or even moving house. Healthy Time was created to enable the patient to have constant contact with the therapist, regardless of the place where the patient is currently located.

Robert Psychiatrist

Research from last year says that as many as 40% of Poles did not take sick leave due to a diagnosed depression, explaining that they were ashamed. Online psychotherapy is often and has the right to be the only right measure for people who, for some reason, cannot or do not want to participate in a session in the office. The Healthy Time portal is an ideal solution for people looking for help via the Internet.

Magdalena Doctor of Psychological Sciences

Online psychotherapy has made life easier for many of my patients - it is one solution that will be able to meet the needs of so many people. The World Health Organization indicates that nearly 300 million people suffer from depression alone, and the problem affects an average of 10-15 percent of the population. Online therapy should be even more common, so I wholeheartedly recommend Healthy Time services.

Andrzej Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist

    Meet our team

    Expert in psychotherapy in English

    We work in various trends and modalities depending on the diagnosis and the patient’s problem. We graduated and have certificates of the Polish Psychological Association. Our courses included, among others: psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy.

    Healthy Time works only with psychotherapists with therapeutic training who meet the criteria of professional associations.

    Psychotherapy and counseling are two forms of mental health treatment that have been gaining popularity in Poland in recent years. While both are similar in many ways, there are some key differences between the two, and both have their benefits.

    Psychotherapy is a form of therapy that focuses on helping people understand and work through their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. This type of therapy is typically conducted one-on-one with a licensed therapist and can take many forms, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, talk therapy, and psychodynamic therapy. Psychotherapy is often used to treat a wide range of mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

    Counseling, on the other hand, is a type of therapy that is more focused on helping people work through specific problems or challenges. This might include issues like relationship problems, career decisions, or stress management. Counseling sessions are usually shorter than psychotherapy sessions and may take place over several weeks or months. The goal of counseling is to help individuals identify and overcome the barriers that are preventing them from reaching their full potential.

    Psychotherapy and Counseling in English

    Both psychotherapy and counseling are available in English in Poland, making them accessible to the growing number of expatriates and international students living in the country. English-speaking therapists in Poland are trained professionals who understand the unique challenges faced by those living in a foreign country and are equipped to help them navigate these challenges.

    One of the key benefits of psychotherapy and counseling in English in Poland is that it allows individuals to express themselves more freely and openly. For many, speaking their native language can be an important factor in building trust with their therapist and feeling comfortable discussing sensitive topics. Additionally, English-speaking therapists in Poland often have a deeper understanding of cultural differences, which can be a crucial factor in helping individuals from different backgrounds work through their mental health issues.

    In conclusion, English psychotherapists are important forms of mental health treatment that are helping many people overcome their emotional, psychological, and behavioral difficulties. Whether you are an expatriate, an international student, or a local resident, there is no reason why language should be a barrier to getting the help you need. With the availability of English psychotherapists in Poland, individuals can access the support they need to live healthier, happier life.

    English speaking psychotherapists and counseling psychologists

    Healthy Time provides counseling services for English-speaking foreigners, including parenting counseling, couple therapy, and individual psychotherapy. Our English speaking psychologists are trained in cross-cultural psychology and are available to offer individual and couple psychotherapy as well as counseling, including assistance with parenting issues.

    We understand the challenges of adjusting to life in a new culture and can provide support and cultural training to help you navigate the Polish reality, deal with acculturation, and raise children in a new educational system. Additionally, we can assist with interpersonal issues, such as managing relationships with Polish colleagues, partners, or family members.

    For any other personal or relationship problems, our English-speaking psychologists are available for individual, couple, or family/parenting counseling and psychotherapy. All of our work is supervised, and we are members of leading professional organizations in Poland.

    How do we work

    The cornerstone of the initial consultation with a psychologist is a comprehensive interview. This helps identify the extent and nature of the problem (including its underlying causes), and if necessary, plan the therapeutic process. Writing down all relevant information about the issue, along with questions to ask the specialist, can make the meeting more productive. The more questions you clarify during the consultation, the more effective it will be.

    Typically, therapy sessions occur once a week and last for 50 minutes each. During the first 2-4 sessions, the focus is on getting to know each other and making an initial assessment of the areas we will work on. The length of therapy depends on the individual needs of the client and is always discussed and determined in collaboration with the client.

    In contrast to traditional medicine, psychotherapy does not have a one-size-fits-all approach. Every patient and their issues are unique. Psychotherapists aim to provide relief and enhance the patient’s quality of life, but it is not a quick-fix solution. Psychotherapy is a journey that can range from short-term to long-term, depending on the topic at hand. The success of psychotherapy also largely depends on the patient’s dedication and willingness to make positive changes in their life.

    Find yourself the best psychotherapy in English in Warsaw, Ursynów, or online

    It has been well established through research that undergoing therapy with a qualified clinical psychologist can significantly enhance an individual’s mental and physical health. Numerous studies demonstrate the effectiveness of specific therapy types in treating various emotional issues, such as depression, anxiety, and associated symptoms like pain, fatigue, and nausea. Moreover, some therapies have been shown to prolong the survival time of heart surgery and cancer patients and have a positive impact on the immune system. The relationship between emotional and physical health is becoming increasingly recognized, and therapy has proven to be an effective means of improving one’s overall health.

    Psychological therapy is an interactive process that is most effective when both the client and therapist engage in open communication. Studies have demonstrated that therapy outcomes are better when both parties have a mutual understanding of the primary issues and how therapy can aid in resolving them. Establishing and maintaining a positive therapeutic relationship requires effort from both the client and the therapist. It is important to express your expectations clearly to your therapist and bring up any issues that may arise. To get the most benefit from therapy in English, it is recommended to attend all appointments and prepare ahead of time for topics to discuss during each session.

    Individual psychotherapy in English

    The objective of individual therapy is to gain insight into your emotions, thoughts, and feelings. This form of therapy can help you find a more effective way of coping with everyday challenges and resolving conflicts. It is a professional means of overcoming life crises.

    Individual therapy is a confidential and accepting relationship between a client and therapist. During these sessions, you can work on a variety of issues, including:

    • Relationships difficulties or struggles in forming new ones
    • Coping with a traumatic event or experience
    • Grieving the loss of a loved one
    • Problems in the relationship with your family of origin
    • Mood swings
    • Low self-esteem
    • Eating disorders
    • Personality disorders
    • Psychosomatic symptoms
    • Phobias and anxiety
    • Aggression
    • Bipolar affective disorder
    • Depression
    • Other concerns that require the expertise of a specialist.

    Couples therapy in English

    Couple therapy involves a series of meetings between a couple and a psychotherapist to address issues in their relationship. It provides a safe space for the partners to better understand each other and develop more effective forms of communication. Couple therapy can help resolve crises, strengthen the bond between partners, and in some cases, make the process of separating less painful.

    During couple therapy, you can work on:

    • Communication difficulties
    • Marital conflicts arising from differences in personality or upbringing
    • Aggression or violence in the relationship
    • Coping with betrayal
    • Rebuilding trust and restoring the relationship
    • Feelings of emotional exhaustion and loneliness
    • Emotional and sexual problems
    • Issues arising from a partner’s illness or addiction.

    Professional help from English-speaking clinical psychologists and therapists in Poland

    The assistance of clinical psychologists is invaluable when you require professional advice, emotional support, or a diagnosis. Finding a qualified, English speaking psychologist in Poland can be challenging. That’s why at Healthy Time, we offer a broad range of mental health services, including psychological intervention, long-term therapy, and psychological testing in English. We cater to children, teenagers, and adult patients, and our psychologists are well-equipped and experienced in treating conditions such as depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders.

    In Poland, therapists are individuals with a Master’s degree in psychology who have completed a four-year postgraduate program in psychotherapy. Some therapists hold a PhD, although it is not a requirement to practice as a professional psychotherapist. However, if it’s important to you, Healthy Time also has English-speaking psychologists/therapists with a PhD available.

    English Psychotherapist and Psychologist Warsaw

    Psychology and psychotherapy have advanced in recent years and offer methods for individuals to bring about positive changes in their lives. Whether facing emotional issues, relationship problems, or group dynamics, there are effective ways to address and transform these difficulties. With the right support and information, it is possible to not only resolve painful internal and external conflicts, but also to strengthen your connection with your values and aspirations.

    Psychology Psychotherapy Psychiatrist for English speaking persons

    At our center, you have access to a team of seasoned specialists, including psychologists, psychotherapists, and psychiatrists speaking in English. Our expertise encompasses helping children, young people, parents, and adults. A simple conversation, starting with the question „what’s up?” can turn into one that helps you overcome difficulties. Our Warsaw clinics stand out for their professional approach, dedication, and welcoming atmosphere. Book a psychotherapy session at our clinic in Warsaw, Ursynów, or online and feel the difference.

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